Quality and Environmental Policy

We at Ante Mijić Quercus d.o.o. we know that the business success and business reputation of our company depend on the trust of our customers in our products and their quality.

Customer trust stems from the way and quality of work, which is based on manufacturing expertise, the use of modern technologies for the production of wooden products, and the application of modern methods and standards in the production and shipment of finished products.

According to the customers of our products, Ante Mijić Quercus d.o.o. operates by applying the most modern, standardized methods and procedures in the primary and final processing of wood, always in the desire to satisfy the needs and wishes of the customer in the shortest possible time, and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.
Customer requests (orders) are accepted if they are in line with the company’s technical and range capabilities, in order to ensure that the customer always receives the desired product, and in accordance with the existing norms for wood or with the customer’s special requirements, which is a common practice in this type of business.

All wishes of customers exclusively determined in writing are fully fulfilled. The responsibility for quality is borne by every employee, contractor, technologist-technical manager of the external correspondent company in the process of sales, commercial and management.

The organization does not use child labor. Does not employ workers under the age of 16 or below the minimum age as specified by national or local laws or regulations. No one under the age of 18 shall be employed in dangerous or arduous work, except for the purpose of training in accordance with approved national laws and regulations.
Employment relationships are voluntary and based on mutual consent, without the threat of punishment.
The organization ensures that there is no discrimination in employment and occupation.
Employees are guided by a policy of strict compliance with the employment contract and the provisions of the labor regulations, the provisions of the collective agreement, which includes: non-discrimination in employment, non-employment of children under the age of 16, voluntary signing of the employment contract and its termination, timely payment of wages and other monetary benefits income, respect for working hours, maintenance of working conditions in accordance with legal regulations and positive technical achievements in the field of wood processing, implementation of occupational safety measures in accordance with the company’s risk assessment, protection of personal data in accordance with the data protection ordinance, and incentives for good performance employee.
A workers’ council was established in the company. The organization negotiates with a legally established workers’ council and duly selected representatives in good faith.

According to the owner, implement a policy of full use of the company’s production capacity, improvement of assets, achieving the highest possible profit, working with as few costs as possible. The company’s management and all employees are responsible for this.
With regard to business partners, care is taken to ensure a balanced relationship between their requests and needs and our opportunities and interests. The agreement is fully respected in order to maintain good partnership relations and improve mutual cooperation.
In relation to the social community, care is taken of the following:
 compliance with environmental protection standards to the highest possible extent, through regular controls of the technical correctness of production and energy facilities,
financial obligations towards the state and other social structures, as well as obligations to report to state authorities on operations, production, harmful emissions from production facilities and others, are performed regularly and in a timely manner,
we continuously financially support social organizations in our area (firemen, sports associations, charitable associations), churches, etc.