Quality and Environmental Policy

We at Ante Mijić Quercus d.o.o. are aware that the business success and reputation of our company depend on our customers’ trust in our products and their quality.

The customers’ trust results from the way and quality of work, which is based on the manufacturing know-how, the use of modern technologies in the manufacture of wood products and the application of modern methods and standards in the production and shipping process of finished products.

Ante Mijić Quercus d.o.o. approaches to our customers by applying the most modern standardized methods and procedures in primary and final wood processing, in order to continuously meet the customers’ requirements and wishes as quickly as possible and to their full satisfaction.

Customers inquiries (orders) are accepted if they match the company’s technical and assortment skills to ensure that the customer always receives the desired product, in accordance with existing standards for wood industry or with specific customer requirements, as is customary in this type of activity.

All customers’ requests, confirmed exclusively in writing, are completely fulfilled. The responsibility for the quality lies with every employee, transferee, technologist and technology manager of the external correspondence company in the sales process, in trade and in the management.

The company’s policy towards employees is based on strict compliance with the employment contract and the provisions of the collective agreement, and includes the following: punctual payment of salaries and other cash benefits, compliance with working hours, compliance with working conditions in accordance with legal provisions and positive technical achievements in the field of wood processing, implementation of work safety measures according to the risk assessment of the company and payment of the performance bonus if the employees perform well.

The company’s policy towards the owner is based on making full use of the company’s production capacity, increasing its assets, maximizing profits and producing at the lowest possible cost. The responsibility for this lies with the management of the company and with all employees. For the business partners, an optimized relationship between their requirements and needs and our skills and interests is taken in to account. The agreed is fully adhered to in order to maintain good partnerships and mutual cooperation.