About us

Today is Ante Mijić – Quercus GmbH. a successful company in the wood industry with 120 employees.

The success of the company is based on the use of modern machines with high capacity for cutting logs, drying sawn timber, friezes?, shipbuilding and for producing wood chips.
The company is a trading company in which all family members are employed.

Log processing (cutting)

For our own needs, we cut logs, mainly ash and oak, with a daily capacity of 130 m3 in two sawmills and in two layers


We produce ash and oak elements with an average annual capacity of 25,000 m3

Drying materials

We dry the material in 4-chamber dryers with 240 m3 simultaneous drying capacity. In February 2013, an additional 4 x 70 m3 Mulboch drying chambers will be built, which will increase the total capacity in one drying cycle to 520 m3.

Wood biomass

The new plant for the production of wood biomass (wood chips), with which we have also become the regional biomass center (wood chips), currently has a size of 2500 m3 and plans to expand it to a further 3000 m3 of plant and storage space.

Our products


Dry, humidity 8-12%
Oak – Class A / B and Class C
Ash tree – Class A and Class B (Kern)
Dimensions according to customer orders


Ash tree and Oak
Ash tree -> Class A and Class B (Kern)
Oak -> Class A / B and Class Rustic

length up to 3 meters, width from 500mm to 1250mm, thickness 20mm onwards
Dimensions according to customer orders


Ash tree – class extra, natur, natur 2 and rustic
Oak – class select, natur, markant, rustic
Thickness 20.4mm width 120mm length from 500 to 1800mm
Dimensions according to customer orders

MJ Wood Vision

The design of MJ Wood Vision by Quercus is a furniture that combines the finest quality Slavonian oak and highly decorative epoxy resin.
By using both natural and modern materials we get high quality products.
Advantages of epoxy resin:
outstanding strength, thermal properties, durability
It is ideal and safe for household use
Full transparency, low dry matter content, easy to maintain and resistant to breakage
We offer the choice of materials, colours and designs
We guarantee product uniqueness and quality


Oak – Class A, A / B, B and Rustic
Ash tree – Class A, B (Kern) and C
Dimensions according to customer orders


Classes A and B (Kern)
Dimensions according to customer orders

Briquettes RUF

Briquette RUF made of dried oak and ash wood sawdust
No binders or additives



Drying capacity is 600m3 net
8 Muhlbock drying kilns


Oak and Ash tree
Size G50, humidity 25% to 40%


Oak and Ash tree
Packaging – Pallet small 1m3
Pallet large 1.8m3


Fresh -> Ash tree – Class A and Class B (Kern) 26-80mm thick
Oak – solitary, class A / B and C / D, thickness 26-100mm
Dimensions according to customer orders

Dry -> Ash tree Class A and B (Kern)
Oak Class A / B