Plant for wooden biomass production (chips) is open

QUERCUS-pilana-header-4Company Ante Mijić Quercus 2.6.2011. opened a wooden biomass (chips ) production plant on 2500m2 area and became regional center for wooden biomass production. With current 2500m2 there are plans to expand to additional 3000m2 surfaces of plants and warehouses.

Current plant is producing 50 000 tons a year in one shift. There are plans to expand production to additional shift and thus increase annual production.

Company Ante Mijić Quercus has its own certificated 50 ton scale for weighting production material and output of product (wood biomass). Facility is run by BRUKS Klöckner plant with main engine power of 250kW. To complete the production process we have acquired machine for sharpening blades of GÖCKEL plant. Company Ante Mijić Quercus have also expanded its rolling stock with four new trucks, two wood cutters and two trucks for biomass transport (they possess self-extracting trailers for biomass) with which we satisfy our transportation needs and we can also do deliveries if needed.



With this investment, Ante Mijić Quercus d.o.o. have become regional center for gathering and processing of wooden sawmill and forest leftovers. Considering large amount of sawmill leftovers from our own production we have solved the problem of managing our leftovers and are able to take care of waist from other wood processors in the region. From commercial use to scale processing using the processing residues, which are processed into wooden biomass, and as final product, chips are further energetically used as: direct combustion in thermal power plants, production of pellets and briquettes, pressed wood panels for insulation in construction and mechanical wooden pulp.

With the realization of this project and full use of wooden raw material along with adequate management of sawmill by-products and forest residues we are contributing to the promotion of: environment protection, energy efficiency and use of energy renewable sources. It’s worth mentioning that by reducing the production costs our competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets has increased. By increasing employment and production we contribute to the sustainability of existing activities (production of sawmill products) and the community itself.

Full exploitation of wood was recognized by Republic of Croatia which fully supports this program and by this means is taking care for the future of our country. Data that indicates existence of problem on national and global scale says that renewable sources in Croatia are making only 3.5% of total required energy. By some predictions, up to the mid-21. century the share of biomass in energy consumption will be between 30 and 40 %, and by year 2020. Biomass energy production in Europe regarding other renewable sources will be 73%.